Students who begin music lessons at an early age develop life skills that will help them to succeed in every endeavor. These skills include concentration, problem solving, self-expression, fine motor skills, time management, memorization, listening---and many more.

Starting children between the ages of 3-5 is ideal because they are more neurologically receptive to aural learning. Young children love to please their parents and teacher, are happy to repeat activities and imitate adults, enjoy learning new things, and have plenty of time for listening and absorbing musical ideas.

Numerous studies have been done which document the benefits of music study. There are direct correlations between early musical training and increased language, reasoning, spatial intelligence, creativity, and problem solving, to name just a few. Recent studies by researchers at Stanford University showed that mastering a musical instrument improves brain processing in areas associated with language development, and may have implications for improving language

language/reading skills. Additionally, there is a positive correlation between music lessons and IQ, as well as evidence that music students score higher on SATs.

Very seldom do you hear people say, “I wish I’d never studied the piano.” More often I hear them say, “I wish I’d never quit playing the piano.” My hope for all my students is that they will continue to play music for their entire lives, sharing it with their family and friends, and passing it on to the next generation.

If your child is still too young to begin private Suzuki lessons, I encourage you to enroll your 9-month to 3-year-olds in Kindermusik to begin their music immersion. You can also go ahead and purchase the Suzuki Book 1 Piano CD listed on my website and play it for your child every day. By the time they are ready to start their lessons, they will already know the music in their heads and learning to play will come easily!